As of 10 December 2008, this particular corner of the web is officially one year old! To celebrate this first anniversary, let’s take a look at how things have changed since exactly 1 year ago.

This blog started exactly one year ago on 10 December 2007. It was partly because I felt a need for blogging to pen my thoughts and opinions as well as to share pictures and new experiences with family and friends. It was also partly because I needed a much better platform for blogging than Friendster Blog. So I subscribed for a paid hosting with a Malaysian company on a yearly basis, and continue using the domain name which has since before then been funded by my sister :D . I installed WordPress on the server, and all was set.

This blog was actually my second attempt at blogging. My first attempt wasn’t very successful. I didn’t practically know what is worth to write, but it provided a good learning experience.

Enough of the history, let’s look at how things have changed since then.

At the time of writing, this blog has a total of 81 posts spanned over 33 categories amounting to 50 266 words and 207 comments. That’s an average of 7 posts per month and 3 comments per post. On average, each post has 621 words, though the wordcount vary greatly from post to post.

Over the year, this blog has received a total of 8 475 visits (2 773 of those are returning visitors) and 16 404 pageviews. Overall, there are 5 691 total unique visitors. You probably don’t know what those numbers mean, so i’ll explain them briefly. Visits is counted each time a person visits this blog, pageviews is total number of times pages in this blog is displayed, and total unique visitors are the number of different people that visit this blog.

In the first month of the year, the average number of visits per day is 16. As of the last 30 days, the number is 39. That’s more than twofold increase!! Visits to this blog over the year come from a total of 121 countries, with most visits come from Malaysia, followed by the United States. The majority of the visitors use Firefox, followed by Internet Explorer. A single visitor uses Playstation 3. 94.16% of visitors use Microsoft Windows operating system.

Most of the visitors come to this site through search engines, followed by referring sites. The top search engine that sends visitors to this blog is Google while the top referring site is

On a side note, thank you Jon for sending so many visitors to my blog! :) Thanks goes to all other referrers too, and also the readers. The statistics displayed on this post is recorded over the year and processed by Google Analytics.

If you notice that I haven’t written any new posts for quite some time, that’s because I’ve been extremely busy. Now that I’m finally home, I finally have some space and time to write something. I won’t be too hopeful though. Red Alert 3, Far Cry 2, and Grand Theft Auto IV are keeping me busy! In the mean time, I’m glad this blog has turned 1 year old as of today, and I’m seeing an even brighter future for it!