Shortly after the initial public release of the Graphene theme, I have decided to only entertain support requests for the theme via the dedicated Support Forum.

I have since ignored support requests using the comments forms on this blog, as well as direct requests via the contact form on this site.

However, despite placing direct warning and notice that says all support requests via the comment and contact form will be ignored, there are still support requests sent this way until today. So I thought maybe it’s time I provide an explanation as to why I insist on using the Support Forum for the Graphene theme support requests.

  1. The forum has better functions that can better assist placing support requests and responding to them.
  2. All discussions on the forum are available publicly, so we can easily point you to certain topics and threads related to your support request.
  3. You can perform a search on the forum prior to placing a new support request, since the question you have may have already been posted and answered to in the forum. This is actually the quickest way of getting support. It wastes everyone’s time to answer the same questions twice. Or three times. Or five. Believe me, it happens.
  4. There are more people able to respond to your requests on the forum, from multiple time zones, so there’s greater chance that your support requests will be attended to sooner. You will also be able to obtain multiple opinions and ideas from different people.
  5. We’re able to consolidate all support requests and their responses in a single place, rather than spanning multiple posts with no way of tracking them, as would have been if you use the comment form for support.

However, bear in mind that all the contributors in the Support Forum are volunteers, that they spend their own free time to help you, time that they could otherwise spend with friends and families and on other matters that their own life ask of them.

Remember as well that none of them are obligated to help you, but they do anyway, so the least you can do is show some appreciation to them. Arrogance and acting as if getting helped is your birthright that others must accommodate will not win you any favour.

Oh, and please read the forum rules and adhere by them. They’re there to facilitate discussions and make it easy to provide support for your issues.