… if you believe the scores of supposedly technology news sites, that is.

I use Pulse to aggregate news from multiple sources sorted into different categories. It has been my primary source of news ever since I’ve gotten my first smartphone, to be consumed alongside breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And guess what is the most prominent news stories in the Technology category? Smartphones and tablets.

I mean, seriously, there’s a lot more going on in the technological side of the world than just smartphones and tablets. It’s rather appalling then to see that most of the time most of the news items aggregated from the myriad of different supposedly technology-related sites are all about smartphones, tablets, and every other conceivable derivatives of those.

And what’s worse, some of the news items are really the same news items being regurgitated over and over by a number of different sites. I almost look at the app with contempt in the few weeks following the launch of iPhone 5.

But whatever sells, right?