All of humanity’s existence is but a blip, a mere speck of dust against a backdrop of stars.

From the dawn of human existence, from Adam to Aristotle, from Ptolemy to Avicenna, from Copernicus to Galileo, from Newton to Einstein, and to the end of it – however that may be – all the whole of it is but a tiny quark against the galaxies of the universe.

Yet humanity concerns itself with matters that are way beyond laughable given this context, so true it is then that ignorance is bliss. He struts about his daily life, bickering and warmongering, fooling himself into believing that he wields such a power, until that blip disappears forever and that speck of dust obliterated to nothingness, not even a trace mention in the history of the worlds.

Yet some, some peers through his pipes and glasses, through the thick veil that envelopes his world and see beyond his existence. So much grandeur, so much power, so much wonder, so much mystery. Alas, so short a lifetime is, for he can only dream of one day taking to the stars. One day that may never come.

But man, no matter how he wishes to escape this illusion of power, this illusion that he is the master of the worlds, must earn a place in his society. So he struts along, avoiding most of the bickering and warmongering for he knows of its pointlessness, but strapped nonetheless in the mighty currents of arrogance. After all, if all of humanity’s existence is but a blip and a mere speck of dust, what then is a single man?