I was born and raised into an average family, and 10 years ago when other kids were playing those Digimons that cost RM30 each I could only watch in envy. No way my parents would buy me one of those. Those are for rich people.

When money doesn’t come easily into your pockets, and when you have to work hours upon hours just to have a taste of a little bit of leisure that money can bring, you learn to appreciate it better.

And now that I have quite a fair amount of income from my freelancing work (and donations from all you wonderful Graphene theme users), the question of money and happiness began to creep into my daily ponderings in the shower and elsewhere. I began to see how easy it is for people to fall into the trap of continuously striving to make more and more money, once they have a little sip from the cup.

Money is certainly not the root of all evil as the King James Bible would have it, but it certainly is a root to a lot of evils. And I think the major error that many people did (and still do) is that they strive to continuously increase the amount of money they have, without any specific goals or objectives about what to do with that money. When you fall into that trap, boy are you in trouble, for then money would never ever bring you happiness. It will bring you lots of evils instead.

You see, the thing with money is that it is just an enabler. It enables you to do what you want. It enables you to buy that new Samsung Galaxy S phone to replace your now dangerously-obsolete Sony Ericsson phone. It allows you to travel the world and see and experience the diversity that this beautiful Earth has to offer. It enables you to purchase that expensive Canon 550D DSLR camera so that you can explore your passion in photography.  It enables you to help that kid on the street and make you feel pretty darn good about it. It enables you to do the things that you want to do, the things that are your passions, the things that benefits the people around you and make the world a better place.

And I believe only if you set yourself the reasons of why you work so hard to gain these bunch of papers with printed figures of old people on it will you be able to gain happiness from it.

And no, building an empire is not one of those reasons. Neither is to be listed as one of the world’s 50 richest persons. Neither is to drive in super-luxurious Ferrari so that other people will gawk in awe at you.

Once you get into the trap of continuously making more and more money without set aims, then for you truly money is the root of all evils. Because then you will know no boundaries, you will know no satisfaction, and you will never know the word ‘enough’. It is pointless to live a life of luxury when to you that luxury brings only worry, and pretense, and disconnect you from the simple life and the friends whose company you so enjoy before you sip that wine.

Image credit: v_hujer