Every time I open my Firefox browser, I usually will do one thing before anything else: check the Twitter statuses of those I follow. Usually this takes only a few seconds as all the updates get delivered right at the bottom bar of the browser. Sometimes I reply to some tweets, sometimes I follow some links and have an interesting read. And sometimes, funny things that people tweet make me smile. And this is just one of those:

Twilight Moms

And then sometimes (like once or twice a week, maybe), I stumble around in Facebooks, answering friend requests (more like accepting, really), replying to some wall posts, or posting something on other people’s walls, or view other people photos. And yes, there bound to be something funny there too, sometimes. This is what I found this time:

Spongebob is Malaysian

Credits to Shaza Hakim for retweeting the tweet from flisterz for the Twilight Moms image, and Awie Gaucho for the Spongebob IC in Facebook, and Amira Khairuddin through whose profile I stumbled across the image.