About a year ago when I bought my laptop and started using Windows Vista, I came across a new less-well-known version of Yahoo! Messenger, the Yahoo! Messenger for Vista. It was still in active development back then, with new features being developed actively and updates are being provided quite frequently. What separates it from all the other versions of Yahoo! Messenger is that it utilises Windows Vista’s visual prowess to its full capability. Visually, the Yahoo! Messenger for Vista wins hands down over all the other versions.

The Yahoo! Messenger for Vista. It was much more visually pleasing than all the other versions, but does come at the cost of performance.

The stunning visual appearance does come at a cost, however. The Yahoo! Messenger for Vista runs with very noticeable lag, and takes considerably more time to start. Being a tech enthusiast that I am, these drawbacks do not deter me from using it. Apart from the visuals that alone makes it worth it, there was also this prospect that the Yahoo! Messenger for Vista was still in active development, so it is very possible that the developers at Yahoo! will improve the software’s performance in the near future.

And as a result, very likely because of its beautiful appearance, several other of my friends who are using Windows Vista converted to using the Yahoo! Messenger for Vista. It has been a nice eye candy on my laptop ever since.

Until a few days ago.

As I was searching for a newer updates for the software, I came across this blog post at Yahoo! Messenger Blog that announces that Yahoo! has stopped the development of Yahoo! Messenger for Vista and is no longer providing support or adding new features to it. An unfortunate decision, many testers would agree. That version of Yahoo! Messenger has so much potential.

Upon reading that announcement from the official blog, it was clear then there’s no more point in continuing to use Yahoo! Messenger for Vista. It lacks so many features that other versions provide, such as webcam, photo sharing, and chat room capability. Coupled with the fact Yahoo! Messenger 9 was no longer in its BETA phase, the decision to convert was easy. And I recommend those who are currently using Yahoo! Messenger for Vista to change to Yahoo! Messenger 9. Sure it won’t be as visually pleasing, but at least you’re not clinging to a discontinued product any longer, plus having all the additional features available.