During the holiday I went on a photography assignment in Langkawi, and with a semi-DSLR camera (Sony DSC-H9) in my hand, in between the assignments I went and took this picture:

It was a picture of water running from an open water tap in the kitchen sink. Through my own eyes, the water is really running, not dripping. Setting the camera to use the highest shutter speed possible (0.0008s), I captured the above picture. There’s no way we can see that by naked eye. The water is dripping after all. But it’s nothing weird. The physics concept of surface tension can easily explain that, but I’m gonna spare you guys the technical explanation this time 🙂

Below are some other pictures I took during and in between the photography assignments. Enjoy.

Copyright notice: These pictures are mine, and while you are free to share them and show them around, they may not be used for commercial purposes.