Okay, so I have downloaded too many movies and seasons of TV Shows that my 320GB hard disk is running out of free space. So I decided to burn them out onto piles of DVDs to clear out my hard disk but not lose them. My DVD writer supports up to 16x writing speed (and I think up till this time that’s the writing speed limit for DVDs due to physical limits – it cannot spin too fast before it breaks), so it’s only natural that I’ll go for DVD+R that supports 16x writing speed. Fortunately, there’s a bunch of them out there in the market. Not-so-fortunately, many of those which boasts 16x writing speed on the label do not actually reach 16x writing speed.

This post is not so much a review, DVD+R does not really need a review, anyway. It’s just merely to tell which 16x DVD+R I’ve bought and which actually writes at 16x speed.

I bought only two brands: Samsung Pleomax 16x DVD+R and Benq DVD+R 1-16x speed.

Samsung Pleomax 16x DVD+R

Okay, so let’s talk about the Samsung Pleomax 16x DVD+R first.

I bought it at Jusco and it costs RM17.90 per 10-piece cake box. Burning data using Nero 8, it writes at 16x writing speed. True to what it boasts. Thumbs up for that. Only if it’s a bit more cheaper..

Benq DVD+R 1-16x Speed

Now the Benq DVD+R 1-16x speed.

This DVD+R does not live up to what it claims it is. Burning with Nero 8, it’s maximum writing speed is only 12x. Therefore, it takes a longer time to burn the same amount of data onto this DVD+R if compared to the Samsung Pleomax above. However, it costs much cheaper. My friend bought it for me at Low Yat Plaza at only RM25 for a 25-piece cake box, with 1 free DVD-RW 4x!

Cost-wise, Benq is the winner. Speed-wise, Samsung Pleomax takes the lead. Quality? I don’t know. There tend to be a belief that if a product is more expensive than its competitor, it is likely that that product is of a higher quality. But we cannot really be sure until we test it out, see which of them holds the data intact for a much longer period of time. Well, I’m not gonna wait a few years and tell you guys about it. I’m burning movies onto them anyway, not very important stuffs. That’s it for now. Sign off.