I compiled these notes on the Business & Management (Standard Level) subject for the International Baccalaureate diploma programme for easy revision.

The content of these notes are retrieved from Wikirevise (see note at the end of this article). I made it into a PDF file so that you can print it out (preferably into booklet form) for easier reading and revision. These notes do not include any new material required for the new syllabus starting for exam year 2009.

Note that the notes for Module 4: Human Resource Management is not available due to the notes in Wikirevise is not completed (thumbs down to those responsible) or of sub-par quality. Module 2 and Module 5 are not required for Standard Level.

Hope this helps. (And say thank you if you download them 🙂 )

  1. IB Business & Management (SL) Module 1: Introduction to Organisations (45747 downloads)
  2. IB Business & Management (SL) Module 3: Marketing (30537 downloads)
  3. IB Business & Management (SL) Module 6: Accounting and Finance (28091 downloads)

And the file below is a compilation of balance sheet and profit and loss account questions from past years (I think they are not complete, but there’s a good number of exercises to do nonetheless).

  1. Past year balance sheet and P&L account questions (11203 downloads)

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Note on Wikirevise: I created a wiki on my server where people can create and edit notes, and I managed to organised (and persuade) my friends to help make up the notes together. The revision notes that I put up here is the result of this wiki. Sadly though, a server disruption a while back caused the database for the wiki to be corrupted and all the data lost. I did, however, compiled the contents of the wiki into PDF files, and those are the ones that I put up here for people to download.