Me, Cherap, Maryam, Faridah, Macha, Ammar Anuar, Mukhriz and Safiqah went to Cikgu Faizal’s wedding today in Rawang. Me and Maryam went out from D’Shire at around 10, took taxi to Kelana Jaya LRT station, took LRT to KL Sentral, waited for the rest there and took KTM Komuter to Rawang. After exactly 44 minutes 28.92 seconds (thanks to Cherap who timed the Komuter ride), we reached Rawang station and Cikgu Faizal’s brother and brother-in-law fetched us in Cikgu Faizal’s new white Nissan (I know it’s his cause the plate is KV #### C).

Okay, so we got to the bridegroom’s prep house near the bride’s house (the wedding will be in Cikgu Faizal’s house in Melaka this 31st May) and immediately saw Cikgu Faizal in purple attire! As expected, he was glad to see us and was shocked to see Cherap’s new hairstyle and we exchanged lots of laughter. Then, we accompanied him on the parade to the bride’s house.

Now there’s something interesting that I haven’t seen in any wedding I’ve gone to previously. When the couple got to the entrance to the bride’s house, the bride was let in but not Cikgu Faizal! There was some kind of roadblock – they call it toll – and the bridegroom was supposed to pay some money before he was allowed to go in. They really blocked him until he paid. I don’t know from where this custom originated, but of course, the bridegroom’s side were already told about this beforehand, so they’ve prepared money in bekas duit raya. When they handover the bekas duit raya, the person who received it immediately opened it to see the content inside! Oh my… And there wasn’t only one roadblock, but three! I can see by the look on Cikgu Faizal’s face that he was definitely nervous at that time.

So anyway, they finally got in and sat on the pelamin. I took lots of pictures, went out to eat, took pictures again, and talked and laughed and had a lot of joy.

Oh and by the way, the bride’s name is Afida (I don’t know her full name).

We reached the house at close to 1.00PM, and left at 4 something. The KTM trip back from Rawang to KL Sentral took exactly 43 minutes 17.2 seconds (this time, I took the time).

Enjoy the photos below.