I finally got to watch Sunshine today, though I didn’t really intend to at first. After finished downloading, I just wanted to sort of test it. It hooked me up till the end.

SunshineWell, it isn’t really good in terms of realism. There aren’t many physics and science showed that explain how it could even be possible for man to go near the sun, let alone go into it. But the intense drama with a lot of strains and unexpected twists here and there make it a very good movie. The casts’ acting is powerful too, unlike some characters in The Core that doesn’t really convince. It does leaves many questions unanswered, but unlike many other movies of the same genre, don’t expect a very nice ending like they all usually do. The movie scored pretty well in handling the logic of the entire situation. The people who were sent to detonate the bomb weren’t just any other guy picked up at the streets, but physicists, scientists, psych officer (to keep crew’s emotions in check), etc.

In short, I’d say this is a very good movie. Go get one and spend a couple of hours watching this for your leisure time.