I just came back from Langkawi tonight, after an hour in ferry and 5 hours in bus (heck, that’s what I dun like going to Langkawi: have to spend a lot of time on the road). So finally, after sleeping and waking up and sleeping again and wake up again and again and again in the bus, I reached home at around 9.30pm.

All in all, the trip to Langkawi this time around is not bad after all. I got to see my sis’ new house near Gunung Raya, which is very big, and LIMA also.

The aerospace exhibition was quite nice, with a lot of aircrafts and fighter jets doing some nice manoeuvring and flying in many different formations. The thing that is special about LIMA is that it’s not like most other public airshow where several airplanes do a pass by, several flying pattern, several formation, and that’s it. The airshow in LIMA involves many kind of jets and aircrafts, doing many kind of formations and manoeuvring, and for a long period of time, nothing like what you’ll get at any other public airshow. There was also a helicopter turning upside down. Yes, that kind of move is usual for fighter jet, but that was the first time I saw a helicopter being able to do that.

However, the static display was a bit disappointing to me, mainly because I was looking forward to see the Airbus A380 Super Jumbo airplane, but it wasn’t there. The plane was in the list of planes for static display in LIMA official website, but it wasn’t there. Maybe it was there for trade visitors, I don’t know, but it kind of put me down a bit because it was actually one of the main attraction.

However, the other static display includes various fighter jets and support aircraft and assault helicopter. The indoor display houses many things including jet engines, night vision camera, thermal camera, tank, unmanned air vehicle, weapon systems, etc. Overall, the show was nice, and I don’t think I have any regrets going there.

The only other complain apart from the missing A380 is the traffic control of the event. It was so bad and traffic flow was very problematic. I couldn’t go to the Maritime exhibition because there was just too many vehicles leading to the exhibition area that the traffic police have to block other incoming traffic unless they have the event pass (which was given to trade visitors and those involved in organising it). Well, maybe I couldn’t blame the organiser for the traffic because perhaps there’s practically nothing they can do. Langkawi becomes like KL during LIMA, so the usually calm and laid-back island become congested with cars and traffic becomes slow, particularly in the areas where the events took place and around Kuah, the island’s main town.

One other thing that I want to mention is that food stalls in Langkawi generally provide good food, but the thing that differs them is usually the service. Some are very nice, fast service and all, but some are just a pain in the ass. There was this one food stall where we waited for around 1 hour before our food came. And even ordering drinks took them unusually long to make it and deliver it to us. So my advice is, if you go to Langkawi and found a good eating place with good and fast service, well, stick with that. Or if not, find somebody who are used to or have gone there recently and ask for recommendations. Believe me, it’ll be worth it.

Finally, here’s the pictures of LIMA. Of course, I didn’t forget that 🙂