Heroes Season 2I can describe the second season of Heroes in just one line: it packs the same punch as Season 1, if not better. I just finished the season finale of Heroes second volume tonight, and am compelled to write this right away, so you know if you’re not going to watch it, you’re missing a lot.

Perhaps what I liked most about this TV show is that the characters are each portrayed as an individual, each as a single entity that has a will of their own. Unlike many other TV shows or drama where the actions of the character is pretty much influenced or controlled by the other characters, Heroes managed to convincingly portray the character as unrelated, unique, totally independent in their course of will, but none the less vulnerable to manipulations and confusion caused by other people, much like in the real world.

The turmoil and confusion and constant manipulation and half-truths that surrounds the characters are so convincing that even the viewers won’t be sure who’s the bad guy and who’s the good guy, who’s to believe and who’s not. The course of the plot is so engaging, at times depressing, twisted like it will never going to be right but all connected nicely, that you’ll want more after each episode ends. Well, that was what actually happened to me. Tonight, I watched 5 episodes straight back to back all the way to the finale, when originally I planned to watch just one.

Well, the second season actually consists of only 11 episodes, not even half of the first one (which is 23, plus one un-aired pilot episode). Yeah, it may be quite short, but I have no complain at all. It doesn’t keep you waiting, but makes you scream for more. It’s actually a good thing, even, looking at the fact that all those homework doesn’t have to wait twice as long πŸ˜‰ .

So if you haven’t yet seen the second season of Heroes, go find someone who has it and ask nicely to borrow it from them. If even the first season is alien to you, stop reading and go out straight away and look for it. Don’t ask me how I got all the episodes, I got RapidShare premium account. To those who don’t have a clue what it is, just know that you’d be very envious of me if you know about it πŸ˜‰ .