Bored of the long holiday and nothing to do at home, I decided to pack my hiking backpack and went up the Titiwangsa Ridge to do a hike up Mt. Brinchang in Cameron Highlands. Of course, I didn’t just all of sudden decided to go and went up there. Planned it a few days before, invited Mr Masukor and Syed along, and off we went. My dad decided to drive us there. Being a geologist by practice, we had a good explanation from him about all the rock and geological formation we encountered along the way.

It was awesome. The trail started from the small town of Brinchang, at about 1500m up towards the peak of Mt. Brinchang at 2031m through jungle trail, and down again through paved road that winds down the mountain, passing along vegetable farms and tea plantation. The total distance was about 11km. We took about 4 hours and 30 minutes to complete the hike, photo-taking and rest-stop inclusive.

Th route of our hike up Mt. Brinchang

Pictures can never do justice to the wonderful scenery we encountered along the way. The best view of all during the trail was by a sheer cliff in the middle of the jungle. The trail was easy in the beginning, but it got significantly steeper and taxing as we got near the peak. Couple that with muddy soil, and it makes the trip definitely worthy of the 1 hour and a half drive up Cameron Highlands. Oh yeah, it was cold as well. And clean air. Breathing was a bliss.

It was rather amusing when we got to the top, because there’s a group of people there cooking something on the portable stove, camper’s style. Their clothes and shoes show no sign of going through the climb we just did. Apparently, they went up the peak by car.

There was a lookout tower at the peak, and a number of communications tower. It was accessible by car, but the view from the lookout tower was not as amazing as the one we encountered in the middle of the jungle. Yeah, the best things in life don’t come easy.

My next plan: Endau-Rompin National Park. Probably will go there next month. We’ll see.