Notice that sound in Windows whenever some error came out when using your computer? Or that short music that came out everytime you start Windows up? There’s a myriad of default sounds that came with Windows, and they accompany all sort of events that happen in your computer. And because most of us have been using only Windows OSes for our entire computing life, we have  became quite familiar with those. Some annoy us, some make our hearts beat faster, heck, some even made us swear.

But take all those sounds, add a tad of creativity and a certain supply of free time (and boredom), you’d get something else. Somebody actually combined and mixed those sounds into a song, and I have to admit it’s rather impressive (and amusing as well).

There’s a few variant of songs made entirely from Windows sounds. This particular song below is composed by a person that goes by the name Robbi-985. From what I know, he was the first person that originally created a song from Windows sounds. He used only the sounds from Windows 98 and Windows XP.

Click the play button below to listen:

You can view the original video posted by the author on YouTube.