Back in MRSM Langkawi, my batch (the seventh batch) has an uncanny preference to make videos for prominent events, such as Teacher’s Day and the Batch Dinner.

Some of these videos really contain messages that we would like to get through to the audience, while some are just for fun – those that we will remember years later. There are several videos that we made during our 2 years there, and since I’m involved in most of the video-making process, unlike most of us I have a copy of those videos in my computer. Out of those several videos we made, I decided to share 2 of them here.

Teacher’s Day 2006

This video is made by the BWP (Badan Wakil Pelajar) for the Teacher’s Day celebration in 2006. What made this video significant is the message that we want to convey through it, and given the circumstances at that particular time, I believe we could all say it really made an impact. My good friend Noriman told me when we showed the video to the teachers and students during the Teacher’s Day celebration that a teacher said to him something like, “Of the many years I have been a teacher in this school, there is nothing like this before.” I also heard that some teacher(s) actually cried some tears when this video is shown. Now, enjoy πŸ™‚

The Flush

This is like a kind of boarding-school-version parody of the once-famous TV show The Flash made by my friends that is shown during our Batch Dinner. It is really just for fun and it is actually funny πŸ™‚ . I’d say they did a good job with this video. I’m not involved in the making of this video, though. It’s a fully-featured 30-minute movie that has its own introduction, development, climax, and termination or resolution.

Again, enjoy πŸ™‚

You can also download the original video here: The Flush Movie