I have compiled whatever pictures I have from my 2 years of IB programme in Sri KDU and selected quite a number of them to make up this gallery, in which I hope to capture some of our experiences and memories from those 2 years. I say some because there are still a lot of events and experiences not covered by this picture compilation I have. Anybody else who wants to contribute to the gallery can send the pictures to me.

I originally thought of uploading these pictures on Facebook, where people in the pictures can be tagged and comments can be posted on individual pictures. However, due to the number of pictures in this gallery (275 pictures), uploading to Facebook will be an extremely tedious exercise. So I decided to post this on my blog. Though you guys cannot comment on the individual pictures (a great feature, I admit), you can still comment on this post.

Right now, I don’t think the pictures can be copied. If you want a copy of those pictures, let me know. If there’s enough people asking, I’ll upload the full-sized pictures for you guys to download :)

These pictures are sorted according to the date they are taken. The ones that appear first are taken earliest, meaning as you view the gallery, you will view pictures from early 2007 first and slowly move to late 2008.

You can click on “Show as slide show” if you don’t want to be clicking or pushing the right arrow button while viewing the pictures, though the picture size will be reduced to fit the available space.

Enjoy :)

Update: I have uploaded these photos to Facebook. Apparently there’s a batch upload function, though it is only limited to 60 pictures per album, so I have to create 5 albums for the series. Follow this link to view the first part of the series.