Okay, I’m not doing justice to my new VAIO. This post deserves more words and more pictures than I’ve put in the original post. So here is the edited, much better post!

The story starts this way. Petronas gave us RM3500 for computer, and almost every other Petronas scholars here in Sri KDU have got their laptop since last year. I didn’t have mine yet, cause I brought my desktop over (which some gladly label it as my ‘wife’). I wanted to buy it at the end of this year, since you know how computer ages with time. But then Mr Hazman (our good ex-caretaker) told me that it’s better not to buy it too late, as there’ll be holdup for the claiming process as they get busy with our university placements. So I decided to buy my laptop middle of this year, and decided to wait till PC Fair to buy it.

A week before PC Fair, my sister came to KL on her way back from her husband’s friend’s wedding in Kuantan, and she asked me whether I want to go buy the laptop with her at that time or not. I persisted. Wait till PC Fair. (Oh how agonising that one-week wait)

And so PC Fair came. On Friday, I went to check out whether the model I want (by then I had already decided which laptop to get – Sony VAIO VGN-SZ75GN/B) is available there or not. The next day, my father came and we bought the laptop. That VAIO was in my hand.

Back at home, I started personalising the contents it to my taste and convenience. My housemate Amirul gladly labels it now as my ‘second wife’. He even doubts that I’ll be able to be just and fair to my ‘first wife’ now that I have a new, young, beautiful and certainly elegant second wife! Well, don’t worry desktop PC, I’ll use you for gaming πŸ™‚

The reason why I wanted to buy it during PC Fair is because of the free gifts. I wasn’t really expecting it will be any cheaper (and it did not), but I was looking forward to perhaps some free gifts and extended warranty. Well, the deal turned out to be nicer than I was expected. The free gifts include free upgrade of 1GB RAM for VAIO (it’s now 2 x 1GB of DDR2-667 RAM), a Sony Bluetooth Laser Mouse, a keyboard cover, carrying bag, LCD cleaning kit, mini-vacuum, and other not-so-worth mentioning freebies. The warranty did not get any extension, but did get upgraded to 1-year International Warranty (with VAIO Overseas Service) instead of the official 1-year Local Warranty. All these free gifts and international warranty upgrade could easily worth more than RM500. The one-week wait is definitely worth it πŸ™‚

Special thanks to my sister who contributed a hell lot of money, my father who also contributed to the fund and for coming all the way from Ipoh to the people-packed PC Fair in KLCC, and also of course to Petronas for giving me that RM3500.

Now let’s head on to a little showing off, shall we?