“Friends are for weaklings.” Yeah, right.

It never fails to amaze me how selfish some people can be, how all they see in this world is themselves and themselves alone. The rests are just their tools to centre the world around them.

I met this one friend of mine some time ago. Apparently, he was having some sort of personal emotional problem with himself, that his girlfriend left him and he needed to get himself rid of whatever emotional pains that causes. And he asked me, “How did you got through this when it happened to you?”. And me, oh the so kind-and-honest-me, replied: “Well, to tell you the truth, mine was actually like a really big shock, so that in itself helped dampen the effect on me and helped me getting through.” True, but it wasn’t that easy after all. Fortunately I have friends around me. A fact I’m forever glad for.

Then, I told him I cared for friendship very much, that I really value friendship, that that is the reason why I travel all the way to UTP and KMB by myself, just to keep my friends and let them know how much I value them. And he said, “Oh we are so different. Friends are for weaklings.” Yeah, right. You know what, we are different, and I am very much grateful for that.

Well, a year ago I might have never written this. Well, no longer. I’m a man that speak up my mind now. To that ‘friend’ of mine, think whatever you’d like to think of me, but if you are indeed reading this, this is just one piece of criticism and no more, like the countless you so easily throw to people. “Friends are for weaklings.” Yeah, right.

Really, I don’t believe people actually mean friends are for weaklings when they say that. Rather, they say that because they don’t really appreciate their friends, and want to make themselves feel better by telling their sorry selves “Yeah, yeah, friends are for weaklings. You don’t have to worry about keeping him as friend.” Yeah, and in the end it’s this friend of yours that you look up for help for. Talk about selfishness. Next time around, I might just say this straight to his face.

Well, I think those who are close to me know very well that I hate selfish people, and I believe I have the credibility to say that compared to most people, I am much less selfish than others. But to those who think only of themselves, I wish you luck guys. Live this world alone then, like you so much desire to.

And I better end this here now and give myself a nice shower. After all, no point talking about a ‘friend’ that implicitly says very clear that you and everybody else are not really his friends, cause if we are, that makes him a weakling. Whatever.