Okay, so I was watching season 2 of House and this thing has been in my mind ever since:

My next dream thingMy next dream thingMy next dream thingMy next dream thing

I told several friends about my intention of buying a bike like that, and almost instantly they’d say “Get a car la..” πŸ˜‰ . Well…yea, maybe when I’m married I’ll get a car. I personally think riding a bike like that is cool. I like the feeling, especially at high speed on a long winding road with no cars…it takes my mind off everything and just focus on the ride…sort of lets me drift away…I just like it.

Maybe not exactly the same model and sticker like the one House had up there. But the orange/black mix looks damn nice πŸ™‚

The bike would cost around RM30k over here, or so my father said. So my dream is not that far-fetched after all. Not at all.

Several years. I’ll get it.