Last week, I went to three places of attraction here in Auckland. On Sunday, I went to the Auckland museum, where there are a lot of very interesting stuffs. Then on Tuesday, I went up Mount Eden where there is a huge volcanic crater at its summit. The hill itself is formed by a volcanic eruption a long time ago. It was such a magnificent and beautiful place. I remember I kept ‘wow-ing’ along my walk up to the summit. Then, on the same day I went to One Tree Hill, a hill with a lot of trees, despite the name. It was another very beautiful hill with beautiful parks, olive grove, and an obelisk at the top. There was also working farm on the hill, and I took my first ever picture with the sheeps in New Zealand. My friend said they look like a ball of wool in the picture, and sure they do.

I did a lot of walking during my visit to Mt Eden and One Tree Hill, and if you ever got a chance to visit these two places someday, walk your way up the summit. You won’t be able to really appreciate the beauty of these places if you take a car or a bus straight up to the summit.

Now there’s a lot of pictures to see in this post, and I’ve taken quite some time to post them up here and annotate each one of them appropriately. It might take some time to view all of them, but I’m keen to share them with you. So, let your eye feast on the pictures!

Auckland Museum

Mt Eden

One Tree Hill