The current political situation in Malaysia nowadays has surely invited a lot of commentaries from my fellow friends in the Sri KDU IB Community. It has also exhort some individuals into appearing as ‘inspired’ of becoming the nation’s next leader in the future, and claim that they will supposedly ‘repair’ the country and vow to not be everything that the current ‘corrupt’ leaders are.

There is no need for me to point to anyone here in this post. I believe the particular person(s) have already been pointed to enough by their own actions.

Many of these people talk about corruptions and biasness and how the opposition should topple the present government, totally disregarding the fact that the General Election still dictates a majority for the present government, though slim. Many criticise and put accusations to many of the present leaders. Some dictate loudly what the leaders should do and what not. Some of these people even go so far to dreaming about becoming the Prime Minister, and (perhaps) rejoice when other people said to them, “You future Prime Minister…”.

It is not my intention to take side on anyone in this post. Not the present government, not the present opposition parties, not anyone.

But I do want to tell you what kind of leaders I want to see governing the country in the future, what kind of leader that will get my vote, and my support, and my efforts.

I want my leader to be knowledgeable. I want him (or her) to have interest and extensive knowledge about the world and regional economy, about where our country is standing geographically, economically, financially, demographically, politically, and socially. I want his bookshelves at home or at his workplace or at his rented rooms or apartment to have books from previous great leaders, both the nation’s previous leaders and other prominent leaders in the region and in the world. I want him to not just agree with whatever is stated in these books, but has his own critical opinion based on sound facts and judgments and not merely feelings and sentiments. I want him to have this wide knowledge and the skills to argue and put forth his arguments in the most convincing way. I want him to have the courage to stand up against giants for his little friends and families back here at home. I want a leader who works hard and appreciate what has been given to him. I want a leader who will sacrifice for those who he leads. I want a leader who does not only aim and strive for the top, but in doing so grabs other people and invite them to join him. I want a leader who promises and does his best to fulfil those promises. I want to read about him that when he was 20 years old, he was already doing all these things and have all these personalities. This is the leader I want to see.

But I couldn’t help but be disgusted when some of my fellow friends in the Sri KDU IB Centre talk about being a leader, when he obviously doesn’t work hard and doesn’t appreciate what has been given to him. His parents sure have forked out a great deal of money paying for him to have a good education, and he plays computer game in school, often skips classes, does not turn in homeworks, and get grades that are far below par to justify the amount of money spent for his education. He often criticises other people and throw accusations and say one party is biased while championing another obviously biased party, and uses all kind of foul languages while doing so. He comments and criticises on the present situation and presents his opinions based solely on information and knowledge immediately available to him, knowledge that he selectively chooses to fit his perspective and argument, information that is laden with assumptions and assertions, and presents them to other people as if they were true, hard facts. He promises but never delivers on the promises. And yet he talks about being a leader. I am disgusted.