While reading The Star newspaper today, I came across this picture:

And I thought, “Heck, who would want to go to a beach like that?”. But then the answer stroke me: a damn lot of people! That’s very, very obvious from the picture. So sad.

I mean, people go to the beach not just because of the salty-it-makes-your-skin-and-hair-sticky water. Well, at least not for me. I go to the beach so that I can just lie down under the shade of the palm tree reading a book, being caressed by the soft breeze, looking as far as the sea stretch under my gaze, being engulfed in the tranquility as the sun begins to set, occassionally my sight chasing the small crabs running around getting into their hole, and yes, a damn good freestyle splashing in the water. In the picture above, you have to be careful so that you won’t hit other people! Where’s the fun in that?

And sometimes, I take a stroll along the beach at midnight, hearing nothing but the rustling of the leaves and the wind, and the soft splashing of the wave as it hits the sand, and the clear midnight sky full of glimmering stars, and really detach myself from the busy daily life we have all sentenced ourselves into. That’s why I go to beach, and I’m pretty sure no one in the picture above can get any of those. Just, look at them. How pitiful.. And I believe it’s a usual sight in many beaches around the world, particularly in the US. Compare that with these pictures from my camera:

Now that’s fun!