The recent (but still ongoing) strife between the HL and SL students of Dr Reed’s class has prompted me to write this post. I find it surprising that the strife sparked by Dr Reed’s sudden change of individual oral commentary dates for the HL and SL has progressed so far and is still going on. Seeing that Dr Reed has changed the date for both HL and SL students to do their oral commentary after the holiday, I see even more reason why the strife should not continue as far as it did.

The final exam is exactly a month away from now, minus the one-week holiday we’ll be having. And yet, in face of such a big task we are bothered with heated rivalry over some petty matters of which the reason for conflict has already been resolved. I find it totally irrational and unwise for us to continue bickering with each other when we have so little time left and so much academic matter still requiring our attention. At this point of time, instead of working together and helping each other, we fight with each other.

I believe emotion has overcame reason in this situation, and I find this to be totally unhelpful, even damaging to everyone’s involved, especially at this time of the year. Confront yourself and ask honestly what is the actual reason and motivation behind continuing this bickering. Is it really in the name of justice, or is justice is simply an excuse to give way to your ego? If friendship matters so much to you, then it shouldn’t be a cause to continue bickering. Instead, it should be the reason to stop it. I feel compelled to urge everyone that this bickering should stop, and let us focus on the task at hand, on what matters, on what will really benefit us.

I am not involved in the strife between the HL and SL students of Dr Reed’s class, and some of you might dismiss whatever I write here on the basis that I am not involved and therefore I do not know what is the real reason behind the continued bickering. On the contrary, because I am not involved I have the privilege of assessing the situation and form reasoning without being clouded by emotion, which serves to give you even more reason why you should consider this post seriously. I seriously feel there is a need for someone to step in and put a stop to this strife, and I am trying in what little ways I can to do exactly that, at the expense of my own revising time.

I really hope this post will help put a stop to the continued strife between the HL and SL students of Dr Reed’s class. And now if you’ll excuse me, unlike any of you in Dr Reed’s class be it SL or HL, I’ll be having the actual individual oral commentary tomorrow. And if you seriously think it is worth it to continue bickering even though your oral commentary is after the holiday while we, the SL students in Mr Shaw’s class have to do it tomorrow, then I can only pray for the success and harmony of all of us. It matters not how much time we are given, but what we do with it that matters. I reiterate again that wasting your time in this strife writing long long emails and long long reply emails while torturing yourself emotionally at this time of the year is really not an intelligent and wise action to do.

Give way for reason, my friends. Stop this strife.