Everyone has choices, and everyone chooses. And sometimes, we take the wrong decision, we make the wrong choice. But that’s all part of life, that we may learn from it, that we may make a better decision in the future, that we may be stronger, a better person.

But of course there’s no telling whether a choice is the right choice or not until we’ve gone through it.

You see, within every choice there are the prospects of what you might gain and what you might lose. Making a choice means you are willing to lose some in order to gain the other some. You need to realise what you might lose and what you might gain and ask yourself, are you willing to lose what you might lose or not? Make that decision first, and you’ll be better off knowing you made the best decision you could have made, even if it’s still a bad decision.

Never say you don’t have a choice. The choices are always there. Saying you don’t have a choice is simply an aversion to the responsibility you have to shoulder by making that choice. That is not not having a choice. That is a cowardly act.