In the previous post I talked about Academic Earth and the free availability of video lectures from many of the world’s top scholars from the likes of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and so on. And I also did mention that I am actually taking the Computer Science 50 course from Harvard through these online video lectures. It only took me three 45-minutes lecture to come up with this: my first very own video game.

The first point of this post is, as I told a friend of mine, to show off that video game I’ve created. Okay, let’s stop for a while, we need to really appreciate this. I created that video game from nothing at all, came up with the idea (though it’s far from a being anything new or grand), constructed its programming, tinker around with the values to put in and stuffs like that, and poofs, I’m shooting ghosts! You got to appreciate that!

And the second point of this post, which I believe is more meaningful and important, is the fact that I am able to really literally create a video game, albeit a very simple one at that, after only watching and listening to 3 video lectures from Harvard. The aim of the course Computer Science 50 in Harvard is to empower the students with the ability to do computer programming. In that course, the students are expected to produce some program like the one I did after only the first week of the course which contains 3 lectures including the introductory lecture, and so that’s what I did. But unlike those people in Harvard, I compressed the 3 lectures into 2 – 3 days instead of one week, so by the weekend, I’ve already created my own computer game.

The point I’m trying to make here is to show you how empowering these online video lectures can be, provided you have the will to actually learn from them. By the end of the Computer Science 50 course, I will be able to not only do computer programming in the most arcane but powerful programming language, C, but I will also be able to do programming for the internet by using scripting languages such as PHP and SQL. Think how empowering that would be to me as a person and how much value that would add to me as an individual in a society, or a business.

Academic Earth lists down online courses in a lot of other subjects too, including Engineering, Political Science, Medicine, Law, Mathematics, Economics, Astronomy, Psychology, etc. Find your interest and broaden your knowledge horizon and learn from one of the best places to learn. Because in the end, whatever you aspire to achieve, it will be made much more probable with knowledge. Put it simply in another way, the more you know, the more you can achieve.