As of writing this, I just came back from Tesco for my weekly groceries shopping. Tonight was the first time I brought back the Tesco plastic bags from my last shopping and reused them there!

Tesco (in Malaysia. I don’t know about other countries) has started using 100% biodegradable plastic bags, so the plastic bags contributed from Tesco will no longer be a serious threat to our landfill as they’ll degrade in a year or two (kudos to Tesco!). Well, it was actually rather late, as Jusco has been using biodegradable plastic bags for quite some time already. But hey, as the saying goes, better late than never!

But what’s unique about Tesco’s biodegradable plastic bag is that it is actually encouraging its customers to reuse the plastic bag. I’m serious. Go check your plastic bag. It’s written there “Reuse this plastic bag and gain green Clubcard Points” or something like that. Well, I don’t really mind about the green Clubcard Point. It’s not quite comparable to the benefits it’ll do to the environment if everyone started reusing their plastic bags.

As I was paying for my purchases at the cashier just now, she said, “Kalaulah semua customer macam ni. (If only all customers are like this)”. I can only smile πŸ™‚

Well, it’s nothing hard really, to reuse the plastic bags. You just keep them after each purchase. You don’t even need to fold them neatly [like what I did (I know, I know, you don’t have to do that)]. Just dumb everything into one plastic bag and the next time you go to Tesco, just bring them along!

Many people wouldn’t bother to do that, I know. But I am different. I know you too, readers, are different. We are educated people. We know the benefits of reusing the plastic bag. We know we will be deciding what the future will be like. If the adults now don’t care about what the future will be, well I do, and you educated young people also do care, because that future will be the world we’ll be living in, not theirs (which might explain why they don’t care). So if they don’t want to do it for us, if they don’t want to change their ways for our benefits, well forget them then. Let’s take matters into our own hands. Let’s mutiny!

Okay, okay, not mutiny. (After-effect of too much Futurama, maybe). But really, seriously. We know the condition of the earth now. We know we can do something to help. So why not just take this simple step, and the next time you’re going to Tesco just bring along the plastic bags from your last shopping. Imagine, the people in Tesco seeing a bunch of young people like you and me reusing our plastic bags. Well, God-willing, who knows one day they will follow us. But someone needs to start it. Let us be those someones!

I don’t know about you, but to me, it just feels so good doing good. It really is addictive! Don’t worry getting drunk and high with it, it’ll send you flying up up and away!

My, my, why is this post like this tonight.. I’m high of the addiction, maybe πŸ™‚

Right then, time to stop. Bye!

(Go save your Tesco plastic bags.)