Tonight, I am lucky. Tonight, a slender crescent moon reveals itself to me, shining brightly against the dark monotonous sky. By its side stood a bright spot, a fitting companion, a beautiful company of two.

I cannot describe to you how beautiful they are, sitting there side by side, watching over us petty creatures crawling on this Earth. Nor can I capture this moment in pictures, however I wish to, for such beauty is impossible to capture with inexpensive equipments available to me. Yet the human eye, ever such a wonder, sees the beauty that evokes something nascent in the soul, an instinctual intimacy and affection to such beauty, delighted. The moon seldom reveals itself in such beauty to the naked eye as tonight, and even more seldom does it have a companion to sit by, which I reckon, must be a planet or a satellite. It cannot be a star. Light from distant stars do not visit this particular patch of the Earth. This place does not welcome such distant visitors. It’s doors are closed and barred to the travelling messenger, and all the inhabitants just fret around doing their petty business, ignorant to such a wonder of nature made inaccessible to them.

I pity those city dwellers whose birth, childhood, school, adolescent, and adult years are always confined within this patch of the Earth, seeing nothing more than a collection of Man’s creation, where concrete walls and dusty air are their eyes and lungs daily breakfast, luncheons and dinner. I pity the child who, upon looking at the sky, sees nothing but a dark monotonous sky, speaking nothing of the wonders and delights beyond. I pity the adolescents and young adults who, apart from bars and night clubs and cinemas, can find no other way of savouring their weekends. I pity the adults who have all the riches of the world, yet are more impoverished than the people whose soul are capable of being delighted by such a pure beauty. I pity all the other people on this same patch of the Earth who, engrossed in their daily routine and business, miss such a rare occasion tonight.