Lately, dreams have been frequenting my night sleep. Last night was something different.

There was this advertisement somewhere about a game. If you want to play it, the organiser will send 5 people to your house to kill you. If you manage to kill them first, you’ll be awarded $25,000. I told them I want to play the game, and the guys were sent to my house to kill me. However, I managed to kill all of them quite easily, as if I’m a seasoned, damn skilful contract murderer or a Special Ops soldier or something. I have a lot of weapons with me, including a silenced handgun those professional Special Ops or contract murderer use. For the last man, I stalked him up on the attic, and managed to throw him down onto a van or something. Then I shot him. Multiple times. To make sure he’s dead.

And then my parents came home.

They didn’t see the bodies at first. But there was a spill of blood on the wall, as if somebody has been shot from quite a distance and the blood splashed on the wall. Then my dad instantly knew. And I explained everything. Amazingly, they all didn’t seem to be surprised. But my dad only says to me, “Sometimes when you are doing something, you have this chance to think about it and stop doing it. Sometimes it’s better to stop than to continue, son.” Or something like that.

Then me and my mom went off to somewhere, and along the way we had to stop for a roadblock or something. Then there’s three guys from the car behind us came up to me, and it turned out that there’s still one or two men from the game that I haven’t killed. He asked me, “want to continue?”. Remembering what my dad had said, I said no. And the guy turned away, with that sly look on his face. Darn.

Then we continue the journey and somewhere after we’ve crossed a bridge I saw an explosion. It was like a nuclear explosion, but on much smaller scale. The drive continued. Then I woke up.

Every nightmare story ends with “I woke up.” But I woke up feeling worried of those stalking guys, though a bit relieved to realise it was only a dream. But the fact that I killed those guys so easily with no guilt at all but perhaps with satisfaction, is what scares me. Damn. Maybe because I played too much Crysis. Just maybe..