I’ll be going to Langkawi today!

Tomorrow and the next day I’ll be going to see the LIMA exhibition. After the event was first started in 1991 (heck, it’s almost as old as I am), finally I’ll be going to see it. LIMA is held once in every two years, and it’s the ninth edition this time. Can’t wait to see all those fighter planes and jets and ship and subs! The official website said among the planes on display is the Airbus A380 Super Jumbo. I’m so excited…

And by the way, I’ll be going there to see my sis’ new house too. She just moved from Chenang to I-don’t-know-where, so I wanna go and see her new house. And this time it’ll be easier for me to move around the island – I got driving license already.

So guys, be envious! 🙂