I was scanning something for my friend tonight, and that was when I saw those little red creatures crawling inside my scanner! Damn it. Damn all those fire ants. I spent the next two hours trying to rid them off my scanner. Sucked them using vacuum cleaner, sprayed insecticide on cotton swab and put it in there, sprayed some more around my computer table, and put a 100W light bulb straight on top of the scanner bed to force them out. Guess I was lucky I found out about it before they swarm the whole scanner.

And I discovered tonight, out of my anger and a lot of “why” questions, that fire ants are attracted by electrical fields! What in the world do they want from those electrical fields? They can damage electrical equipment by bringing in soil that is erosive and can therefore can damage the circuit board. They chew on wire insulations and cause short circuit. They die and mess up the whole thing!

So when I was trying to be rid of them just now, every single fire ant that I saw crawling out ended up being squashed (definition: that has been violently compressed) between my fingers. I’m not cruel. I’m just annoyed! And irritated too. Anyway, I’m doing them a favour by giving them quick death over the slow painful effect of that poisonous insecticide. Whoever says fire ants are interesting creatures, wait until they got into one of your electrical equipmens and damage it. Then you’ll know how interesting they are.

Right now, I couldn’t see any of them inside my scanner anymore, but I doubt it I managed to get all of them out. They were inside a closed compartment inside the scanner unit of my multi-function printer. I’d have to be more careful from this day forward, and peek frequently inside my scanner. Damn all those fire ants!!