So said my friend Jon Mah‘s messenger status message.

My IB matesLooking at how many things we have to do, how short the given time for all those tasks, how many simultaneous works that need our mental focus all at the same time, it may well be a legitimate warning.

But strangely (and not for my best interest), I haven’t gone full-speed in my work yet…I think I’ve been idle for a long time already, and my mind has also been at leisure for an extended period. That’s why the slow start-up. I must change this mindset now and really get to work, and I better do it fast.

At this particular moment, I have EE that is yet to be written, Chem and Physics IA that have been stagnating, English A1 World Literature Essay to be edited and words to be cut, Langkawi Nature Connection trip to be organised, Maths to be studied and exercises to be done, Business IA that has also been stagnating, and Physics to be revised. On top of all that (as if they are not enough), I have to go Tesco once a week to buy groceries (or I’d have to spend time thinking what to eat everyday). The only leisure I have is watching movies I downloaded (I’m watching The Lord of the Rings – Return of the King Extended Edition now, a roughly 4 hours 30 minutes movie) and playing badminton with my dear friends.

So when my friend put on his messenger status message “warning: IB kills“, it may well be a legitimate warning. Though, of course, not literarily. So far, no one’s dead yet. Keep working on…