Ayu with her results, standing the third from right, back row

PMR results is out today, and my sister is one of those who went to school to collect the results. Yea, the title says it pretty clear: she got 8A’s.

Yea, everyone’s happy and people will start asking my mother what did she get and my mother will be able to tell them without hesitating (and quite possibly with a smile πŸ™‚ ) her results. It’s always a good thing achieving something. Especially so when you’ve worked hard for something.

So, probably after this she’ll be going to MRSM. I don’t know how to feel about that. It’s always a gamble, going into boarding school. It’s either you get on alright, or you don’t. It’s either you fit in, or you don’t. It’s either you yourself make the effort to struggle to improve your result, or you don’t. And it’s not just about academic. It’s also about getting involved in sports and activities and building your leadership skills. That’s one thing about MRSM (I know cause I was in MRSM for 5 years). The teachers will be damn helpful, you’ll get a lot of resources, but if you don’t set yourself right, things won’t be right. And it’s not always easy to set yourself right, especially so when you’re among a bunch of other people with all sort of personalities. You really need to choose your friends and what you do. Make mistake in choosing, and you’re as good as done.

I know people looked high on MRSM. Me myself included, when I was first accepted into MRSM Gerik back in 2002, for my lower secondary education. It’s not hard imagining how the condition would be, with a bunch of smart people going to the same place. Well, you never know until you actually be a part of it. The first thing: be ready to disappoint your expectations. Second thing: start adjusting! It may take some time, yea, but that’s really the most important part of living in MRSM. You set your course, right from the beginning. When I went to MRSM Langkawi for upper secondary, it’s the same thing. And one thing about good school is that either you succeed, or you fail. There’s no in between. Either you be on the successful side, or you be on the failure side.

In short, MRSM provides damn good opportunities that can ensure your success later on, but you got to have what it takes. If you don’t, the punishment can be unforgiving.

Of course I want her to go to boarding school, especially MRSM. My only concern is that it’s a gamble, really, it is. Unless you know exactly and firmly what you want to achieve by going there and hold to it fast, and are willing to make every effort for it, then there’s a good chance you’ll be fine. Otherwise, it’ll be a gamble you won’t know what the outcome will be.

Well, for the mean time, congratulations to my sister! Enjoy your success now, sis, it’s always a good moment. Live it while it lasts. πŸ™‚

**Thanks to yon for the picture**