Hello everyone. This is my first post from Auckland, New Zealand, and it’ll just be a quick update of life here in Auckland. I’m still settling in and adjusting to the new place, environment, weather, people, system, and culture here in Auckland, so I’ll write more proper posts when I’m more settled in.

I’m currently staying in a single occupant studio unit of an apartment that’s specifically for students. The facilities are good, and I love the privacy, but it’s rather small than what I first expected. Love the facilities and privacy, don’t like the size.

I have just got internet connected a few days ago, and sadly I have to settle for a slow connection (256kbps), though the bandwidth cap is quite generous at 30gb per month. That costs me $49.95 per month, but I’ll be able to claim $50 max from Petronas, so that’s fine. I initially considered of getting a connection with a higher speed (1000kbps) which costs $89.95 per month, but then decided that paying $39.95 per month is a bit too much for internet.

I’ve been walking around the city for a few days, and am already getting a good feel of the surrounding places from where I stay, especially Foodtown (where I get my groceries) and the warehouse (where I buy everything else). There’s also a lot of parks over here, and the city is very very pedestrian and disabled friendly. I haven’t been on a city bus or a train yet so far. Wherever I wanna go, I walk.

There are surprisingly a lot of Malaysian students in my batch, with us forming the second (or third – not much difference between the two) largest international students group, with the most international students coming from the US. Surprising too, yes. Though there are a lot of Malaysians in my batch, I practically don’t know any one of them when I first came here (since I flew in alone), and still doesn’t know many. I did meet with three Malaysians from Miri on the first orientation day, but haven’t seen them again since then.

I also met with several other international students, but there’s two of them who I remember their name. One is Chris, a 29-year-old guy from Wales, doing first year Mechanical Engineering too (he’ll probably be my hiking partner when I’m here). Another is Mandy, from Germany who will be here for only one semester, as she’s on a study abroad or exchange student programme at the University of Auckland. She stays in the same apartment as mine.

I haven’t posted any pictures of Auckland yet, so here I’ll post the pictures I’ve taken so far. (Haven’t got a lot of time to actually take that camera and snap away. As I’ve said, I’m still settling in and adjusting to the new things.)