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An appeal to end Internet Explorer 6’s life

I never thought I would actually write this post. This is truly an act of frustration. I humbly request each and every one of you internet users out there that are still using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) to do any of these actions: Switch to other internet browsers, like Mozilla Firefox Upgrade to Internet Explorer […]

How to create dynamic navigation links in WordPress theme

If you’re building a wordpress theme that has the links to all your wordpress-created Pages on its navigation bar, you’ll probably want to have those links generated dynamically as you create new Pages or delete the existing ones. Sure, you can always hard-code the links to those Pages into your theme files, but that would […]

New looks

What starts with my nth attempt at actually designing a visually-pleasing website finally ends up being a fully-working website. Now I truly have a website of my own, designed and coded from scratch by myself. (Of course, I use WordPress as the back-end. It would take literally years to develop a content management system such […]

Graphene Mobile Neo