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Punchlines without the jokes

Social media has brought about profound changes to our public lives — for better and for worse. It has toppled governments, improved efficiency of disaster management, spread news with a reach and speed that was unthinkable just half a decade ago, and even reconnect long-lost friends. It is unfortunate then to see that it has […]

Our greatest technological achievement: smartphones

… if you believe the scores of supposedly technology news sites, that is. I use Pulse to aggregate news from multiple sources sorted into different categories. It has been my primary source of news ever since I’ve gotten my first smartphone, to be consumed alongside breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And guess what is the most […]

Introducing v3

Just a year ago, about this same time of the year, I designed and coded my very first own WordPress theme to be used with this blog. That was my first ever WordPress theme developed from scratch. It was a big learning experience for me, figuring out how to code the new design into a […]

The sad state of Malaysian web hosting industry

Anyone involved in web development would know that whatever website you develop would be useless without publishing it online on the web. That’s the heart of the web hosting industry’s business – hosting websites on servers so that people around the world can access the websites through internet. It is therefore a crucial part of […]

An appeal to end Internet Explorer 6’s life

I never thought I would actually write this post. This is truly an act of frustration. I humbly request each and every one of you internet users out there that are still using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) to do any of these actions: Switch to other internet browsers, like Mozilla Firefox Upgrade to Internet Explorer […]

The one single Firefox add-on you should not miss out

If you can install just one and only one add-on to your Firefox browser, let it be Adblock Plus. The internet is a wonderful place, but it can be better. Internet as an advertisement medium has been growing bigger and bigger every single year. More and more companies, organisations, and websites are putting ads all […]

Translating the Mozilla Add-ons website

I am currently heading the translation of the Mozilla Add-ons website into the Malay language. There’s a few reasons why I decided to do this: I was too free. (Not anymore) The latest upcoming Firefox 3.5 has over 70+ languages, including Bahasa Indonesia. The Mozilla Add-ons website even has translations for Suomi, Euskara, Dansk, and […]

New looks

What starts with my nth attempt at actually designing a visually-pleasing website finally ends up being a fully-working website. Now I truly have a website of my own, designed and coded from scratch by myself. (Of course, I use WordPress as the back-end. It would take literally years to develop a content management system such […]

Which Rapidshare server should I choose?

Every single man and woman who has come to love Rapidshare has definitely asked himself or herself this question at one time or another: which Rapidshare server should I choose so that I’ll get the fastest download speed? And largely, the question remains unanswered, and most of us got by simply because we use Rapidshare […]

Server disruption

Those who tried to access this website for the last few days or so must have noticed that it was inaccessible, that at times it displays the error message “404 – File not found” and at other times, it displays “Error establishing database connection”. A major server disruption has caused the problem. Every single file […]

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