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Jeremy Kay – Have It All

First heard this song in Scrubs. Enjoy. Jeremy Kay – Have It All Some days I feel like crying It don’t matter if it’s rain or shine I feel like my heart was broken At least a million times Some days I wake up dreaming Feels like I’ve never even woke I answer life’s […]

My next big dream

Okay, so I was watching season 2 of House and this thing has been in my mind ever since: I told several friends about my intention of buying a bike like that, and almost instantly they’d say “Get a car la..” 😉 . Well…yea, maybe when I’m married I’ll get a car. I personally think […]

Heroes Season 2 packs the same punch

I can describe the second season of Heroes in just one line: it packs the same punch as Season 1, if not better. I just finished the season finale of Heroes second volume tonight, and am compelled to write this right away, so you know if you’re not going to watch it, you’re missing a […]

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