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Completely disable WordPress comments

WordPress is gaining more and more popularity these days, especially since version 3.0 that added a lot of features that make WordPress capable of functioning more and more as a Content Management System apart from being primarily a blogging software. One of the features that is often not required in a non-blog website is the […]

Using other languages with WordPress

I think one of the main reasons  that make WordPress a very popular content management system is its ease of use and deployment. It’s relatively very easy, for example, to use languages other than English for a WordPress-powered website. However, time and again I found that many users are not taking advantage of this capability, […]

Reclaim your inbox with Mozilla Thunderbird

Many of us would have not one, but two or three or even more separate email accounts. Is there an easier way to manage them all without logging in to each one of them and checking for new mails one by one? There is! The magic software is called an email client. And in this […]

Never log in to web-based email accounts again

Many people don’t realise that there’s much better alternative than having to log in into the online Google, MSN, Yahoo! and other similar web-based email accounts everytime you want to check if there’s new emails in the Inbox, or write and reply emails, etc. Using email client software instead of having to log in to […]

Which Rapidshare server should I choose?

Every single man and woman who has come to love Rapidshare has definitely asked himself or herself this question at one time or another: which Rapidshare server should I choose so that I’ll get the fastest download speed? And largely, the question remains unanswered, and most of us got by simply because we use Rapidshare […]

Replacing hard disk in Sony VAIO: Not for the faint-hearted

I just bought a new Western Digital 320GB Notebook hard disk to replace the stock Toshiba 160GB hard disk in my VAIO SZ laptop. Expecting the hard disk to be where it usually is in most laptops, I opened up the back panel of the hard disk. Replacing the hard disk should be easy – […]

Panoramic Pictures

A few posts ago I wrote a tutorial on how to stitch pictures to make up a wide-angled panoramic picture. Here is kind of a follow-up to that post demonstrating what you can achieve through photo-stitching. These pictures are taken during my recent snorkelling trip in Langkawi. Note: These photos are much bigger than they […]

Stitching up photos

Those among us who call ourselves avid photographers (but mostly without the kind of camera those avid photographers use) have surely come across a vast scenery stretching as far as the eye can see in front of us, and quickly take our (mostly) point-and-shoot camera and get ready to capture that scenery. How disappointed are […]

Finding your way using Google Maps

For most of us, Google Maps and Google Earth are just something cool for our eyes to feast upon. Rightly so. It’s not like we can find a complete satellite imagery of the whole world easily anywhere else without any costs. Thus we go and find our house, our sibling’s house, then our friend’s house, […]

Photoshop Tutorial: Portrait picture enhancements

I know, I know, exam’s in two weeks time, but this flu is really hindering my studies. So, to have a short break (and people with flu are supposed to get plenty of rest), I decided to write this simple Photoshop tutorial so that you guys can learn how to make that self-portrait of you […]

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