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Majestic creatures

I am not a fan of zoos. They strip out the sense of respect that we have towards the fellow creatures that inhabit this Earth, and reinforce our undeserved sense of dominance over them. To me, the best way to watch wildlife is always to watch them in their natural habitat. That experience trumps any […]

Bog, rockfaces, and stars – the Kauaeranga Valley hike

I was desperate to get out of the city and into the bushes. Sitting and working in front of the computer day after day after day really sap the life and enthusiasm out of you. I needed a break, and cities with their concrete jungles just won’t do it for me. So I invited a […]

Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia new year trip, 2011-2012

Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand

Mt. Taranaki hike

Before going off on my summer holiday trip to Sydney this year, I decided to join several of my friends on a multiple-day hike up one of the mountains in New Zealand. It was a rather quick decision since I already have most of my hiking equipment ready (they were ready most of the time). […]

Wellington and Snow

This winter holiday I finally got a chance to go to the ski area in the central part of New Zealand’s North Island, the Whakapapa (pronounced ‘fa-ka-pa-pa’) Ski Area. Didn’t get the chance to try skiing or snowboarding though, gotta do that another time. There were 10 of us and the ski/snowboard rental was pretty […]

Easter Trip 2010 – Retouched

These are select few photos from the trip, retouched using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. If you want the full-sized version of these photos, ask!

Falling down from 15,000 ft at 200km/h

I can summarise my just-concluded holiday trip as this: falling down from 15,000ft up at 200km/h, and climbing back up again to 2000m. And that was simply, simply awesome. Taupo Tandem Skydiving The skydiving experience was just unforgettable. Steadily climbing up from the ground to 15,000 ft (about 4.6km) in the small skydiving plane from […]

Mt. Brinchang (Cameron Highlands) hike

Bored of the long holiday and nothing to do at home, I decided to pack my hiking backpack and went up the Titiwangsa Ridge to do a hike up Mt. Brinchang in Cameron Highlands. Of course, I didn’t just all of sudden decided to go and went up there. Planned it a few days before, […]

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