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Reclaim your inbox with Mozilla Thunderbird

Many of us would have not one, but two or three or even more separate email accounts. Is there an easier way to manage them all without logging in to each one of them and checking for new mails one by one? There is! The magic software is called an email client. And in this […]

The one single Firefox add-on you should not miss out

If you can install just one and only one add-on to your Firefox browser, let it be Adblock Plus. The internet is a wonderful place, but it can be better. Internet as an advertisement medium has been growing bigger and bigger every single year. More and more companies, organisations, and websites are putting ads all […]

Song from Windows Sounds

Notice that sound in Windows whenever some error came out when using your computer? Or that short music that came out everytime you start Windows up? There’s a myriad of default sounds that came with Windows, and they accompany all sort of events that happen in your computer. And because most of us have been […]

Never log in to web-based email accounts again

Many people don’t realise that there’s much better alternative than having to log in into the online Google, MSN, Yahoo! and other similar web-based email accounts everytime you want to check if there’s new emails in the Inbox, or write and reply emails, etc. Using email client software instead of having to log in to […]

Prime Number Generator v0.2

I wrote this little software that generates as many prime numbers as you want. That’s all it does. Using this software, you can determine the nth prime number, where n can be very, very large. The first version of the software can generate up to around 1014 primes. I have since improved it to remove […]

Useful (free) softwares for college and university education

No lengthy introduction, straight to the point. In this post I want to recommend 3 useful sofwares that can be of great help to you if you are currently studying in college or university. All these three softwares can be downloaded legally for free. FreeMind FreeMind is a free mind-mapping software that lets you […]

No more Yahoo! Messenger for Vista

About a year ago when I bought my laptop and started using Windows Vista, I came across a new less-well-known version of Yahoo! Messenger, the Yahoo! Messenger for Vista. It was still in active development back then, with new features being developed actively and updates are being provided quite frequently. What separates it from all […]

Panoramic Pictures

A few posts ago I wrote a tutorial on how to stitch pictures to make up a wide-angled panoramic picture. Here is kind of a follow-up to that post demonstrating what you can achieve through photo-stitching. These pictures are taken during my recent snorkelling trip in Langkawi. Note: These photos are much bigger than they […]

Stitching up photos

Those among us who call ourselves avid photographers (but mostly without the kind of camera those avid photographers use) have surely come across a vast scenery stretching as far as the eye can see in front of us, and quickly take our (mostly) point-and-shoot camera and get ready to capture that scenery. How disappointed are […]

Finding your way using Google Maps

For most of us, Google Maps and Google Earth are just something cool for our eyes to feast upon. Rightly so. It’s not like we can find a complete satellite imagery of the whole world easily anywhere else without any costs. Thus we go and find our house, our sibling’s house, then our friend’s house, […]

Graphene Mobile Neo