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Enjoy your internet, you lucky Malaysians!

We tend to only count our blessings when we lose them, or in my case, about to lose them! Next month God-willing I will be going to Auckland, New Zealand, and like all other excited people who’ll be going to live abroad for a good portion of his next 4 years, I dig up a […]

Overlooked wonder: the coconut

When you’re too close to something, you tend to overlook its wonders. And this is especially true for our beloved sweet-drink-and-flesh-producing backyard tree, the coconut. While savouring and letting myself enjoy the delight of every single sip of fresh tender coconut water, I discovered a few wonders that we the tropics people may have never […]

Transparent solar panel, mass-production of 128GB SSD, portable fuel cell

There have been interesting development in Science & Technology recently that promises a lot of advantages to us the end user, and I think I should you guys on some of them.

Graphene Mobile Neo