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Our greatest technological achievement: smartphones

… if you believe the scores of supposedly technology news sites, that is. I use Pulse to aggregate news from multiple sources sorted into different categories. It has been my primary source of news ever since I’ve gotten my first smartphone, to be consumed alongside breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And guess what is the most […]

How monitors produce colour

You might have known already that most monitors produce colours using a combination of only 3 colours. Those three colours are red, green, and blue, and that is what RGB stands for. In most monitors, each pixel is divided into three subpixels, with each subpixel displaying one of the three colours. Each subpixel can vary […]

Small country, big innovations

New Zealand is a small country, spanning just about 240 000 square kilometres in area, just slightly bigger than the United Kingdom. It’s population is even smaller – just over 4 million people as of the 2006 census (the UK has about 60 million people). And even though this country is perhaps better known for […]

It’s random! Nah, it’s the universe.

Toss a coin in front of your friends and ask them what are the chances you get a head rather than a tail? Fifty fifty would most likely be the answer. But is it? Toss the same coin a hundred times, would you get 50 heads and 50 tails? You’d have to be very lucky […]

Old Man Atom

Sons of the Pioneers Old Man Atom

Ad infinitum…

It’s amazing how the universe repeats itself. Our cells, which is made up of complex internal structure and interactions, make up tissues, which make up organs, which make up our body’s internal systems, which make up us. And then there’s us, made up of a complex internal structure and interactions, which make up families, which […]

Can't you speak a thing, Freeman?

Few days ago I had this curious thought in my mind. Of the many First Person Shooter (FPS) games that I’ve played (and mind you, that’s a lot), there is one similar feature across most of them that I can’t quite understand its purpose or reason behind. It’s that most of these games have what […]

Our country has a learned society. What next?

Just ten years ago, everybody aspires to be a University student, every parent will be damn proud if their kids got into any university, even more proud if it’s an overseas university. Ten years ago, people regard university graduates highly, and they can find and secure jobs fairly easily. Ten years ago, university is the […]

Masdar City

Consider: You’re living in a city where there is absolutely no car at all, where all your trash and garbage are sucked by vacuum to a central facility where those that can be recycled recycled and those that cannot be recycled undergo gasification to produce energy and the leftovers incorporated into building materials, where most […]

"Now I am become death…"

J. Robert Oppenheimer was the physicist that was appointed as the director of scientific research of the Manhattan Project, the American military project during the Second World War that gave birth to the world’s first nuclear bomb. 130 000 people were employed for the Manhattan Project, including many of the world’s foremost scientists and physicists. […]

Graphene Mobile Neo