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PETRONAS, Crude Oil, Fuel Prices, etc

In the light of recent oil price increase and the supposedly ‘growing’ people’s discontentment against Petronas due to several politicians’ remarks that question Petronas’ integrity and transparency, I feel obliged to publish this post here. The content is composed and emailed by Petronas’ Media Relations staff and was forwarded to me by a colleague whose […]

Multi-racial Malaysia

I have been asked “What is the meaning of a multi-racial Malaysia to me?” Being multi-racial does not mean the same thing to every multi-racial country e.g. Singapore claims to be multi-racial but basically it is a predominantly Chinese State. Because of the refusal of the descendants of migrants from China and India to be […]

So the Opposition wins big time

Yes, and they have every reason to celebrate and rejoice. And it bothers me. Not that it’s not good that the Opposition is becoming stronger, they’ll provide a better check-and-balance system to the ruling coalition, among others. So, it’s not the fact that the Opposition wins a lot of seats that bothers me. I don’t […]

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