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Auckland Museum, Mt Eden, One Tree Hill

Last week, I went to three places of attraction here in Auckland. On Sunday, I went to the Auckland museum, where there are a lot of very interesting stuffs. Then on Tuesday, I went up Mount Eden where there is a huge volcanic crater at its summit. The hill itself is formed by a volcanic […]

Sri KDU in Pictures

I have compiled whatever pictures I have from my 2 years of IB programme in Sri KDU and selected quite a number of them to make up this gallery, in which I hope to capture some of our experiences and memories from those 2 years. I say some because there are still a lot of […]

Photoshop Tutorial: Portrait picture enhancements

I know, I know, exam’s in two weeks time, but this flu is really hindering my studies. So, to have a short break (and people with flu are supposed to get plenty of rest), I decided to write this simple Photoshop tutorial so that you guys can learn how to make that self-portrait of you […]

Classpage for Yearbook 2008

The final copy of the IB2 Classpage for Yearbook 2008 design (by me):

Where's the fun?

While reading The Star newspaper today, I came across this picture: And I thought, “Heck, who would want to go to a beach like that?”. But then the answer stroke me: a damn lot of people! That’s very, very obvious from the picture. So sad. I mean, people go to the beach not just because […]

Plant a tree wallpaper

I made this 🙂 Download this wallpaper: 1024 x 768 1152 x 864 1280 x 800 1600 x 1200

Cikgu Faizal’s Wedding

Me, Cherap, Maryam, Faridah, Macha, Ammar Anuar, Mukhriz and Safiqah went to Cikgu Faizal’s wedding today in Rawang. Me and Maryam went out from D’Shire at around 10, took taxi to Kelana Jaya LRT station, took LRT to KL Sentral, waited for the rest there and took KTM Komuter to Rawang. After exactly 44 minutes […]

A good example why we should respect others

This picture is taken in front of D’Shire Apartment at a junction heading into a housing area by using my phone Sony Ericsson K550i. Obviously somebody’s not happy, and another somebody is not gonna be happy. Perhaps next time when you want to park at a corner like that, you’ll think twice. And while I’m […]

Stampede-Design Bali Getaway

Last October my sis and her husband brought me and three other Stampede-Design team members to the company’s getaway. Destination: Bali. We went there on October 28th, 2007 by AirAsia and came back 4 days later. We went to a lot of places, did a lot of things, ate a lot of good food, and […]

Graphene Mobile Neo