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VAIO, welcome to my life

Okay, I’m not doing justice to my new VAIO. This post deserves more words and more pictures than I’ve put in the original post. So here is the edited, much better post! The story starts this way. Petronas gave us RM3500 for computer, and almost every other Petronas scholars here in Sri KDU have got […]

Don't talk about politics with me

Today millions of Malaysians will go out and cast their vote on ballot papers. Today, as one newspaper put it, “Malaysia decides”. But that is today. I’m more concerned about the past week or two in this post rather than what will happen today. Some friends of mine here in Kota Damansara, whom I share […]

Living ever closer together, ever stranger to each other..

When I was a kid, I knew everyone in my housing area. Back then, it was a Government quarters and has around 14 houses and 14 families live there. I know all of them. Some only vaguely but mostly I know them well. My siblings and I always go out of the house everyday, playing […]

Warning: IB kills

So said my friend Jon Mah‘s messenger status message. Looking at how many things we have to do, how short the given time for all those tasks, how many simultaneous works that need our mental focus all at the same time, it may well be a legitimate warning. But strangely (and not for my best […]

Of wild dogs and stray cats

It was in a McD restaurant in Langkawi, about 3 weeks ago, and an Arab girl – about 7 years old – was kicking a cat although she tried to run and hide under the tables. The parents just watch their daughter mercilessly beating this animal up. Another guy saw this and was so mad […]


Everyone has choices, and everyone chooses. And sometimes, we take the wrong decision, we make the wrong choice. But that’s all part of life, that we may learn from it, that we may make a better decision in the future, that we may be stronger, a better person. But of course there’s no telling whether […]

Temperature is rising

No, this isn’t about Tata Young’s album. Some time ago after I first watched An Inconvenient Truth (you can probably guess what this is about already), I thought to myself that maybe the first, immediate step that I can take to help take on the global warming crisis (definitely you know what this is about […]


Okay, so today I ordered my usual favourite McD set: the large Spicy Beef Foldover set. Right, but that isn’t the main point of this post. Look at the receipt below, what the arrow points at. Coincidence? Of course. Cool? Definitely. Haha.. just sharing. πŸ˜‰

My next big dream

Okay, so I was watching season 2 of House and this thing has been in my mind ever since: I told several friends about my intention of buying a bike like that, and almost instantly they’d say “Get a car la..” πŸ˜‰ . Well…yea, maybe when I’m married I’ll get a car. I personally think […]


My sister came home in Ipoh from her house in Langkawi, and this is what we got ourselves into: It’s basically a design that can be printed on paper and folded into those up there. We downloaded them from, printed it, folded it and took pictures! Haha..okay, the last part was me. My sis […]

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