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I will derive!

A classic parody of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” And this is a live performance record by Gloria Gaynor, singing I Will Survive. Absolutely beautiful performance. The tune’s so catchy you won’t realise your body’s rocking!

Song from Windows Sounds

Notice that sound in Windows whenever some error came out when using your computer? Or that short music that came out everytime you start Windows up? There’s a myriad of default sounds that came with Windows, and they accompany all sort of events that happen in your computer. And because most of us have been […]

Old Man Atom

Sons of the Pioneers Old Man Atom

Hooked up with Vivaldi’s Andante

I’ve been listening to this very soothing and relaxing instrumental music piece by the famous composer Antonio Vivaldi over and over again since yesterday. Totally hooked up with it. Vivaldi: Andante, from Guitar Concerto in D.

Michael Heart – We Will Not Go Down

I have always believed that the crisis and war in Gaza are more than just a religious conflict. It is a crisis of humanity that warrants the attention and concern of every man and woman who upholds peace as a core value in his heart, regardless of his religion, race, colour, and nationality. This song […]

Westlife – The Rose Westlife – The Rose Some say love it is a river That drowns the tender reed Some say love it is a razor That leaves your soul to bleed Some say love it is a hunger An endless, aching need I say love it is a flower And you, it’s only seed It’s the […]

Katy Perry – Hot N Cold Katy Perry – Hot N Cold You change your mind Like a girl changes clothes Yeah, you PMS like a bitch I would know And you always think Always speak cryptically I should know That you’re no good for me ‘Cause you’re hot then you’re cold You’re yes then you’re no You’re in and […]

Boom De Ya Da!

Just because I love the world and the world is just awesome! Discovery Channel – The World is Just Awesome I love the mountains I love the clear blue skies I love big bridges I love when great whites fly I love the whole world And all its sights and sounds Boom de yada, boom […]

Linkin Park – Hands Held High The video below is not the official music video of the song. Turn my mike up louder I got to say something Light weights step to the side when we come in Feel it in your chest the syllables get pumping People on the street they panic and start running Words on loose leaf […]

Ella – Standing in the Eyes of the World

A song to help lift our spirits 🙂

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