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The Flush, Teacher’s Day 2006

Back in MRSM Langkawi, my batch (the seventh batch) has an uncanny preference to make videos for prominent events, such as Teacher’s Day and the Batch Dinner. Some of these videos really contain messages that we would like to get through to the audience, while some are just for fun – those that we will remember years later. There are several videos that we made during our 2 years there, and since I’m involved in most of the video-making process, unlike most of us I have a copy of those videos in my computer. Out of those several videos we made, I decided to share 2 of them here.

Enya – May It Be

A soundtrack from The Lord of The Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring Enya – May It Be May it be an evening star Shines down upon you May it be when darkness falls Your heart will be true you walk a lonely road Oh! How far you are from home Mornie utúlië […]

Temperature is rising

No, this isn’t about Tata Young’s album. Some time ago after I first watched An Inconvenient Truth (you can probably guess what this is about already), I thought to myself that maybe the first, immediate step that I can take to help take on the global warming crisis (definitely you know what this is about […]


I finally got to watch Sunshine today, though I didn’t really intend to at first. After finished downloading, I just wanted to sort of test it. It hooked me up till the end. Well, it isn’t really good in terms of realism. There aren’t many physics and science showed that explain how it could even […]

Graphene Mobile Neo