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Giving a gift of education

Many people do a little good and make a big fuss about it. Many people talk and preach to other people to do good, but he himself never does anything beneficial or contribute to the society. But there are some people who do a lot of good and bring a lot of benefits to the […]

Is euthanasia (mercy killing) justified?

I was doing some spring cleaning the other day, throwing away unnecessary stuffs and compiling used papers for recycling when I came across one of my Theory of Knowledge (TOK) subject assignment some time last year. It was entitled “Is Euthanasia Justified?”, where we are given four cases in which euthanasia (mercy killing) is involved, and asked to comment for each case whether the action is justified or not.

Now that I thought it is kind of interesting to share, so here I post the fours situations and my comments on them. Do offer your own comments, but please please do realise that these are my personal opinions. You are completely free to have your own 🙂

Severn Suzuki’s Earth Summit 1992 Speech

Here this time, I want to share with you one such an inspirational speech that I am sure will melt every single humane heart who hear this. The world is silenced by this speech 16 years ago, and they still can be, still need to be. Spend just 7 minutes of your time watching this […]

IB Valedictorian

valedictorian n valedictorian [ËŒvalÉ™dikˈtoːriÉ™n] (American) the student with the highest grades in a graduating class who gives a speech at the graduation ceremony The IB Centre of Sri KDU certainly does not use that definition to choose it’s valedictorian. The IB Valedictorian is chosen by a panel of teachers based on an interview and the […]

When emotion overcomes reason

The recent (but still ongoing) strife between the HL and SL students of Dr Reed’s class has prompted me to write this post. I find it surprising that the strife sparked by Dr Reed’s sudden change of individual oral commentary dates for the HL and SL has progressed so far and is still going on. […]

Bottled water

How do we judge people's nobility?

A friend of mine said to me concerning a very famous figure, “I wouldn’t say he’s noble, but he earned the trust of the people“. Now let’s not make guessings as to who that famous figure  my friend is referring to, since that would only sway our thoughts from the purpose of this post. Having […]

Let's spill some blood

When I grew up to be 18 years old last year, I had that joyful feeling (as everybody would) of having finally surpassed the legal age where you can do anything any other adult can do (except voting). And aspiring to be a good person (notice the word aspire), I started thinking, “How can I change the world?” Okay, a little bit over the roof, I admit. Then I realise there’s something significant I can do that wouldn’t take much effort. I would give my blood away.

Where's the fun?

While reading The Star newspaper today, I came across this picture: And I thought, “Heck, who would want to go to a beach like that?”. But then the answer stroke me: a damn lot of people! That’s very, very obvious from the picture. So sad. I mean, people go to the beach not just because […]


Lately, dreams have been frequenting my night sleep. Last night was something different. There was this advertisement somewhere about a game. If you want to play it, the organiser will send 5 people to your house to kill you. If you manage to kill them first, you’ll be awarded $25,000. I told them I want […]

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