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The best-looking game so far

It’s amazing how far games have evolved, not just in terms of graphics, but also in terms of the physics simulation, artificial intelligence, storyline, as well as gamer’s immersibility and varied gameplay mechanics. When it comes to judging games, the best we can do is shortlist a few, and let personal preferences crown the best. […]

Can't you speak a thing, Freeman?

Few days ago I had this curious thought in my mind. Of the many First Person Shooter (FPS) games that I’ve played (and mind you, that’s a lot), there is one similar feature across most of them that I can’t quite understand its purpose or reason behind. It’s that most of these games have what […]

Shoot ’em ghosts!

In the previous post I talked about Academic Earth and the free availability of video lectures from many of the world’s top scholars from the likes of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and so on. And I also did mention that I am actually taking the Computer Science 50 course from Harvard through these online video lectures. […]

Those classic (good ol’) games

Those of us lucky enough to have a computer back in the 90’s when the Windows version we were using was either DOS or Windows 95, for sure we remember those old games like Prehistorik 2 and Mario Teaches Typing and Wolfenstein 3D that have been stealing lots of our times getting stuck in front of those bulky horizontal machine with a small 14 inch monitor in front of us. And yeah, I still remember the keyboard having a plastic cover.

More than 10 years later, I somehow remembered those games and did a quick search on Google to see if they’re still around. And they are!

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